*Bonus Podcast* Darren’s Little Bits – Episode One

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A completely free bonus Podcast featuring Darren flying solo and interviewing some colourful celebrities. This week, David Beckham drops in on his way back from the Jonathan Ross show.

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Podcast Episode One – Racism, Rehab and Raoul Moat

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The first official Podcast release in series one of ‘The Lee Hobbs Exprience Ft. Darren’. Darren recalls his troubles after a stint in rehab, and Lee confirms he is definitely not a racist. Other topics include Zsa Zsa Gabor’s bedroom antics, the return of the Cornetto McFlurry and Paul Gascoigne’s role in the Raoul Moat saga. Plus our intrepid heroes try out Tesco’s infamous Lasagne Sandwich….

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Podcast Episode Zero

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In the first (test) podcast episode, Darren and Lee discuss important current affairs while watching the England vs Japan world cup warm-up match. While Lee questions the Daily Mail’s journalistic integrity, Darren explains how he was so poor growing up he had to invent a new form of currency.

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The Dark Side Of Wuhu Island

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Wuhu Island may have seemed like such a cheery place to live, with rolling green hills, crystal clear, blue water ways and filled with pleasant, balloon-holding citizens. But as this special report shows, life on Wuhu Island isn’t all it appears to be…

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