Mario Kart 8 vids

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We’ve had a lot of fun already with Mario Kart 8’s video editor. Here are a few of our highlights so far!

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What we want Nintendo to show off at E3

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This year’s E3 is one of Nintendo’s most important. They need a big show, not just to help the ailing Wii U, but to reinstall confidence in the minds of the gaming public and media that they still have a major part to play in the industry. We’ve put our collective heads together to come up with the most wonderful E3 line-up we can dream up. Some are a real possibility, others are just whimsical fantasy, but at this stage no one outside Nintendo knows exactly what they’re going to show off at E3.

Hype Train 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, the hype-train is now ready to depart from platform fun.

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Has the 3DS launch really been a disaster?

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There’s been a lot of negative talk about the 3DS launch of late. Critics in the media and gaming community have been lining up to slate the quality of the launch line-up, the high retail price (and the impending price-drop) and the subsequent dearth of quality titles that make full use of the console’s features. But a lot of the arguments being levelled against the console by these naysayers are completely ignoring the fact that these very same issues have plagued nearly every console launch in the last 15 years or so.

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E3 2011 Predictions

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About this time every year, the gaming world is awash with wild and outlandish predictions of what we might see at the annual E3 expo. I love speculating on what games companies have in store for us and being a Nintendo gamer I’m looking forward to seeing the new line-up of 3DS titles, the new Nintendo console, and what we can look forward to at the tail-end of the Wii & DS’ lifespan. Below is my list of predictions and things I want to see at E3.

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3DS Hardware Review

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It’s been nearly a month since I picked up my 3DS and so far Nintendo’s little box of 3D magic has hardly spent a minute out of my grubby little hands. The DS’ successor certainly has a lot of nice new features, not least the industry-first 3D screen, but are they enough for someone to spend £200 on?

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Teaching an old gamer new tricks

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The gaming industry is trying its best to reach out to expanded audiences and direct lucrative markets to its biggest core franchises, by making them more accessible to newcomers or diverting advertising spend into alternative channels. But has this been successful? How do casual or lapsed gamers really feel about Halo, Zelda and Final Fantasy? As a little experiment I thought I’d try introducing friends and family members to some of my favourite core games and see how they reacted when left on their own with them, with no prompting by myself and no help with controls, instruction, terminology etc.

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Virtual Console Wishlist Part 3: SNES

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After a six week hiatus I’ve finally got around to finishing off part three of my VC wish list. This entry covers one of my favourite consoles ever: Nintendo’s most super console, the SNES.

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Virtual Console Wishlist – Mega Drive

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Yesterday’s blog entry was supposed to be a short piece on games I’d love to see on the Wii’s Virtual Console service. I started off talking about some N64 games and got a little carried away! I promise to try and keep it short and sweet this time.

For this entry I’m going back to the 90s, with a selection of Mega Drive titles that are still absent from the Virtual Console. I’ve also got a few SNES and Amiga games up my sleeve too – I know the latter format isn’t available yet, but I’d like to think Nintendo might one day look into bringing us a few of those classics!

Part two: To be this good takes Sega

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Virtual Console Wishlist Part One: N64

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I’ve been playing a lot of retro titles recently. After digging out my old SNES & N64, and rescuing my Game Boy and Mega Drive collection from my sister I decided to make my bedroom a little more console-friendly and get around to reliving some of those old classics I used to adore growing up.

Playing through them I couldn’t help but think about the current situation with the Wii’s Virtual Console service.  When it was first launched alongside the Wii Christmas 2006, the Virtual Console had a great initial line-up. I think I went straight for Mario 64 and Sim City with my first bunch of Wii points, swiftly followed by Golden Axe, Sonic (Green Hill zone’s music has just popped up on my iPod, incidentally!) and Mario World a few weeks later. My VC collection has grown and grown since then, sitting at a retro-tastic 35 titles, with an equal number of games I loved back in the day and some I never got the chance to play on the original consoles.

But I haven’t purchased a VC title for nearly six months, a situation echoed by some of my online gaming pals. There are still plenty of games I haven’t yet got around to buying but my enthusiasm has waned considerably in the last year. There has been a worrying lack of big titles being released recently, which surprises me, given the huge back-catalogue available to be re-released.

I know there are some tricky copyright and licensing issues that need to be circumvented and these will probably put paid to the chances of us ever seeing classics like Goldeneye or Aladdin. But there are still hundreds that really deserve a chance to find a new audience.

I thought I’d use the next few blog entries to share a few of my picks with you all.

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Road To Victory – World Cup 2010 Predictions

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There are 64 games about to be played in the World Cup so what better way to predict those matches than with an N64 and a copy of International Superstar Soccer 64! Find out how the tournament could pan out here!

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