Glitch’d: Rise of the Tomb Raider – Glitch in the Cistern

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Footage of an out-of-bound glitch from Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4. See more of the Ancient Cistern mini-tomb than you bargained for, and enjoy a nod to Get Out at the end.



I’ve upgraded my video editing set up to Pinnacle, and liking what I see so far. This is the first attempt at something with commentary in it, not sure if I’ll stick with this in future videos or just keep raw footage instead.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Football Kit Roundup

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Want to celebrate the return of Football (Soccer!) to our screens? What better way than wear your team’s kit with pride in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Vids below covering all 20 Premier League teams, plus some of the biggest teams in Europe, and retro-tastic Man Utd kits of old. Enjoy!

Five Idiots Play…Worms WMD (Again)

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Fresh from their humiliating Worms WMD debut, the Idiots dust themselves off and get straight back into the battlefield once more. You’d think they’d have learned their lessons but these are first-grade Idiots we’re talking about.

Glitch’d: Crane Game Sucks HD

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Something goes awry on the Crane Game. Link suspects foul play…

Five Idiots Play…A Gummy’s Life

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Roundup from two spectacular (?) battles in the Gang Beasts-esque multiplayer marvel, A Gummy’s Life for Nintendo Switch.


Timmah decides to sportingly throw away a certain victory!


SovanJedi and Beezlyend battle it out for the win.

Glitch’d: Adamantoise loses his head

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Curious footage from Final Fantasy XV, wherein the mighty Adamantoise, scourge of Hammerhead Outpost, decides to eat its own head mid-battle.

Five Idiots Play…Gang Beasts

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One of our favourite clips from our Gang Beasts sessions, Jonty gets dunked inauspiciously by Daft Ada. Watch all the way to the end!

Five Idiots Play…Worms WMD for Switch (Epic Fails)

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This is the first footage of five Worms veterans returning to the battleground after many years in a care home. The idiots are rusty, and tired. Their bazookas are unpolished and unloved, their banana bombs are lacking bounce. Somehow they work out how to set up an online game and carnage and epic stupidity ensues.

Amiibo Info dump

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Nintendo’s interactive figurines are on their way so I thought I’d go ahead and knock together a thread with all the info released so far. Bound to be a few confused parents (and gamers) out there in need of help!
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Hyrule Warriors Review

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With Nintendo struggling to craft their wares in HD and the Wii U being all but abandoned by the big publishers, the Japanese power-house has been forced to reach out to developers and hand them the reins to their biggest IPs in order to secure the support the console badly needs. Iwata-san hinted at this new strategy in a Nintendo Direct in 2013, and Hyrule Warriors is the first game to emerge from one of these new partnerships.

Hyrule Warriors

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