What we want Nintendo to show off at E3

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This year’s E3 is one of Nintendo’s most important. They need a big show, not just to help the ailing Wii U, but to reinstall confidence in the minds of the gaming public and media that they still have a major part to play in the industry. We’ve put our collective heads together to come up with the most wonderful E3 line-up we can dream up. Some are a real possibility, others are just whimsical fantasy, but at this stage no one outside Nintendo knows exactly what they’re going to show off at E3.

Hype Train 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, the hype-train is now ready to depart from platform fun.

Lots of footage of announced games –

It’s fair to assume the recently announced Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire remake will be taking up a lot of Nintendo’s E3 time, as will Hyrule Warriors and Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS. In the past, Nintendo have dedicated entire Directs to individual games and we hope that’s the case with these three. A trailer in the main showreel, plus an exclusive Direct, would give all three a chance to shine individually. Plus, it would mean they won’t take up time in the main E3 Direct that could be used on new game announcements.


Beyond the three big hitters, Monolith’s new RPG, X, needs to have a big presence. After the amazing Xenoblade Chronicles, RPG fans will be very receptive to a spiritual sequel. These gamers probably haven’t picked up an RPG-starved Wii U yet, but a title like X could change their minds. It’s the kind of hardcore experience Nintendo needs to highlight if it wants to win back gamers.


It would also be nice to actually see some more of Yarn Yoshi and Shin Megami X Fire Emblem – the pair having all but disappeared since their reveal last year. If they don’t make up part of the line-up they must surely be considered vapourware by now.


A brand new F-Zero or Star Fox

Nintendo needs to show it’s listening to its fans. Both of these are well-loved franchises that deserve a new entry, and both have a passionate fan base. Nintendo could bring some of these lapsed fans back into the Nintendo fold and rekindle interest among newer gamers if they take the time to resurrect both series. You only have to look at the excellent sales of Luigi’s Mansion 2 to see dormant IPs can still bring home the bacon.


Obviously, with the extra resources needed for HD gaming, Nintendo may have to go with an external developer again to bring them back. With Amusement Vision no longer around, they could turn to Sega favourites Sumo Digital to bring back F-Zero. On the Star Fox front, long-time Ninty bed fellows Treasure or Platinum Games would be more than capable of taking on the franchise if Nintendo do decide to bring it back.


Pokemon bonanza –

With X&Y doing great business for Nintendo, and the Ruby & Sapphire remake on the horizon, now is a good time for some Pokemon spin-offs. We’ve recently noticed Nintendo have registered Pokken as a new trademark, which we believe could mean a mash-up of Pokemon and Tekken. Imagine going toe to toe with Mr Mime and Dunsparce in a fully 3D brawler. The term ‘epic’ is bandied around too often these days, but Pokken may justify the tag.


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon has already appeared once on 3DS, but a sequel could very well be in the works. Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Conquest also have a good shot at coming out on the handheld too, after impressing on DS. Thinking outside the box, we’d love to see Pokemon Snap 2 announced for either console, plus a Pokemon Stadium-style partner title for X&Y released on Wii U.


A beefed up Virtual Console –

We’ve been waiting for N64 and Mega Drive games to hit the Wii U VC since it was first announced. The trickling release schedule has also been a source of frustration. Nintendo needs to announce a more robust VC offering for Wii U, with more than just a couple of games each week, and a bigger selection of formats. Obviously we know the DS is making the jump, which should help plug the gap, but we’re still left waiting for our Ocarina of Time and Sonic 2 on the Gamepad, dammit!


On another note, Sony has made the Playstation store a far more attractive proposition by allowing for cross-platform purchases and cloud-based saves. Nintendo appear quite a way behind Sony in this respect, but could help appease fans by offering a cross-platform solution for its Virtual console. It could even help persuade some of the 43m 3DS owners that haven’t bought a Wii U yet to take the plunge.


Second-party titles that plug the big genre gaps

Face it: major third party support has gone. There’s virtually nothing Nintendo can do at this stage to reverse that, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still fill some of the gaps in the Wii U’s library the likes of EA, Ubisoft and Activision could have provided. They need RPGs, racing games, sports titles, and some first/third-person shooters to line up next to the platformers and family-friendly games, and doing so will take big resources. But Nintendo has a lot of second parties they can turn to for help, studios that are experienced in the genres Nintendo aren’t.


Intelligent Systems are yet to make a showing on Wii U, but if they do jump to HD they would most likely be working on new entries in the Paper Mario and Fire Emblem franchises, both of which would go some way to providing some much-needed RPG gaming. Nintendo needs at least one of these two in their E3 show reel. With a Fire Emblem/Shin Megami Tensei crossover already announced, our money would be on Paper Mario getting a chance to shine.


On the racing front, Nintendo has a sterling roster of more realistic franchises they can bring back: 1080 Snowboarding, Wave Race, Excitebike for a start. Even Excite Truck and Excite Bots at a stretch. Monster Games did a great job with the last two, and NST have worked on both 1080 and Wave Race. Neither have released a game on the Wii U yet (beyond additional support roles), so hopefully they’ve been put to work on some kind of HD racer. Excite Trucks or Wave Race would be top of our list.


FIFA and PES may be gone, but Super Mario Strikers on the GameCube, and the sequel on Wii were both excellent alternatives. Next Level Games may have moved on to bigger and better things, but the franchise remains a potential big hitter if Nintendo can find the right partner to take it forward. There’s a good chance Camelot might be readying a new Mario Golf or Tennis for Wii U too.


Continued support for the 3DS

The Wii U needs a big push, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo can afford to neglect their handheld and lose the momentum gained over the last two years. They could start by localising big Japan-only titles like Dragon Quest 7, Fantasy Life and Yokai Watch. All three have been warmly received in Japan and have great potential in the western markets.


In terms of new games that have a high possibility of appearing, we’d say a new Advance Wars must be in the works, as is a new Mario & Luigi from Alpha Dream. Whether either would be ready to show off at E3 is another matter, but don’t rule them out. Camelot could also be working on a new Golden Sun, if they’re not busy on new Mario sports titles for Wii U.


Grezzo, developers of the excellent Ocarina of Time port, have been a bit quiet lately, but we’d like to bet they’ve been working on the N64 sequel, Majora’s Mask. This would be a great headline game for 3DS and one fans have been clamouring for since Ocarina was released. The timing would seem right for a return to Termina, as there isn’t a big traditional Zelda currently planned for Xmas this year, and a cross promotion with Hyrule Warriors could give both games some nice exposure.


The Metroid series has gone very quiet lately, with Retro Studios focused on the Donkey Kong franchise and Intelligent Systems working on Fire Emblem and Paper Mario. 3DS deserves a Metoid title and we think a new 2.5D game would look amazing in 3D. We could also envision a sequel to the DS Metroid Hunters game being released. Either way, Nintendo needs to have some kind of Metroid presence at this year’s E3.


Even more games for Wii U – Yep, that’s right. We want even more games for Wii U. On top of the ones we’ve mentioned already, we think Nintendo will have at least one of the following prepped for E3.


Mario Party 10 – We’ve recently been replaying Mario Party 9 on Wii and it shows the series is still the pinnacle of the board game genre. The 3DS got its own Mario Party earlier this year, so it’s about time NDCube brought the series to the Wii U. The series has consistently been one of the best-selling games on Nintendo’s consoles in Japan and hardware sales have always followed suit in the week of release. Wii Party U showed there’s still an appetite for party games, so couple that with the Mario brand and Nintendo have a sure-fire hit.


Endless Ocean 3 – The first two were a personal favourite on Wii, and surprisingly for a diving sim, amongst the most visually impressive games on the console. Arika haven’t made a lot of noise recently so they must be working on something. We’d love to think EO 3 is the game taking up their time. The Wii U gamepad would make an excellent underwater camera, and with increased online functions it would be amazing to organise a deep-sea dive with several friends.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles U – If Nintendo are looking for ways to show off multiple GamePads on one console, this would be an ideal way to do so. The original on GameCube needed a lot of resources to play with four-players, but was great fun in co-op. Online connectivity could make co-op a more realistic prospect on Wii U. SquareEnix don’t have much of a presence on Wii U, but this series has always been developed by a Nintendo studio, 1-Up Studios (formerly Brownie Brown), so it is still a possibility.


New Retro game– Retro finished Donkey Kong in February, and would have had an army of designers twiddling their thumbs months before that. It’s not unrealistic to expect something from them at E3, even if it’s just a quick video. Metroid Prime 4 is a game that needs to happen on Wii U, and Nintendo needs to reassure fans that it is coming.


New Next Level Games game – Next Level have shown they are capable of reimagining great dormant Nintendo franchises, after the excellent Punch Out on Wii, and Luigi’s Mansion 2. They must be working on another franchise, and we hope Nintendo have handed them the keys to the retro cupboard. Fingers crossed it’ll be a classic NES/SNES series like Mach Rider, Startropics or Ice Climbers.


New Miyamoto-helmed IP – Whatever it is, as long as it isn’t Wii Music (as much as we enjoyed that game), we can’t wait to see what new franchise Miyamoto is supposedly working on. We know he’s been focussed on showing off the capabilities of the GamePad, and that the NFC figures likely play a part in it. Could the great developer be working on a Skylanders-style adventure game? Is it a Kingdom Hearts-style mash-up featuring characters from across Nintendo’s franchises? Or will it end up being a disappointing chess game with Nintendo figurines? We can’t wait to find out!


Before we go, there’s just enough time for one last brain splurge. Who knows, we may get one of these nearly right: New Super Wario Bros U, Mario Universe, Mario Baseball, Mario Extreme Ironing, Mario 64 remake remake, Zelda Four Swords U, Super Princess Peach 2, Lego City Undercover 2, Kirby’s 3D Adventure, 43 All-time classics, Battalion Wars 3, Boom Street 2, Diddy Kong Racing 2, The Next Last Story, Wonderful 102, Sin & Punishment 3, Wii Music 2, Mole Mania 2, Nintendogs + Cats + Lizards, Eternal Darkness 2, Rhythm Paradise 2, and Golden Sun 4.


Don’t forget to post your dream Nintendo E3 line-up in the comments!

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