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We’ve had a lot of fun already with Mario Kart 8’s video editor. Here are a few of our highlights so far!

First Blood

My first online race ends with a well-earned 1st place finish on Thwomp Ruins. If only the rest of my MK career went so smoothly…


Rosalina takes charge

Even a Blue Shell can’t stop Rosalina from cruising to win on Shy Guy Falls.


Nice Shot!

Morton gets a chance to shine, dealing damage with an expertly shot Green Shell before cruising off into the sunset on Bone Dry Ruins.


Never give up

Despite an awful start, I managed to scrap all the way into 2nd place on DK Jungle.


Pipped at the post

Online race vs my mate SovanJedi on Sunshine Airport. He led until the very last corner! Sweet sweet victory!


Team Work

Being the good friend I am, helping SovanJedi keep 1st place on Sweet Sweet Canyon.








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