Wii gems you may have missed (and where to get them cheap)

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One of my favourite activities is searching for gaming bargains; I also love to tell others about great games they may have missed out on. This article combines those two passions with a list of cheap Wii gems and why you should consider picking them up. With the recession still biting hard and the inevitable summer games drought just around the corner maybe some of these suggestions can bring you some good value fun in the near future. Just a quick note, all prices and links were correct when I originally posted this article so apologies if they change in the mean time or go out of stock!

FFCC Crystal Bearers

Square Enix’s spin-off of their Crystal Chronicles series (itself a spin-off of the main Final Fantasy games) was a beautiful adventure game. While it was a little on the short side it was great fun while it lasted and well worth a look.

Gameplay £15.98

Tatsunoko vs Capcom

As the Wii’s only beat-em-up worth buying you may have thought this would be flying off the shelves. Not so. But despite having a cast of virtual unknowns (even some of the Capcom fighters are a bit obscure) this will provide hours of fun for anyone with an interest in the fighting genre.

Shopto.net  £19.85

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Namco’s follow up to the excellent GameCube RPG had its work cut out from the moment it was first announced. All the early signs pointed to a rushed sequel but the finished title, while lacking in some areas, was still an engrossing adventure and a decent return to the world of Sylvarant. Just give it enough time to get going, as the first three hours are terrible (the rest of the forty-plus hours are much better).

Gameplay £13.98

Gamestation £13.98

A boy and his blob

The Wii has seen some lovely looking 2D games recently and this is definitely one of the best. A glorious return to old-school platform gaming, ABAHB contains some fiendish puzzles and great level design. Plus it has a button dedicated to giving blob a hug – which should automatically make it a must-have!

Shopto.net  £9.85


Capcom may have been accused of short-changing Wii owners by some members of the gaming public but they have at least tried to bring some fun new IPs to the format. Zack & Wiki is by far the better of their two attempts, but this is still a blast with two players and definitely a meaty challenge.

Shopto.net  £5.85

Boom Blox Bash Party

Having Steven Spielberg’s involvement in a film is usually guaranteed to bring it some extra attention; not so for video games. This sequel to EA’s hugely fun Boom Blox was designed with input from the acclaimed Director, who wanted to make a game he could play with his kids, but didn’t quite set sales charts alight. Don’t let the twee graphics fool you – this is a deep and involving puzzle game with some great opportunities for multiplayer mayhem.

Shopto.net  £5.85


Sega tried to bring mature gaming to the Wii with this title from the makers of Okami. Whether it was the stylised black-and-white graphics or the copious amounts of extreme violence that caused this to fail at retail will never be known. It may not be amongst the Wii’s elite titles but is still a fun game and well worth a fiver.

Gamestation £4.98

Harvest Moon Magical Melody

Harvest Moon is one of my favourite series. This one didn’t quite grab me as much as I’d hoped but was still good fun. It’s an ideal game to introduce to a family member if they love things like Farmville on Facebook.

Gamestation £4.98

Zack & Wiki

One of the best new game IPs this generation – it’s a real shame this didn’t spawn a franchise as Zack & Wiki’s debut was a terrific little adventure. It’s one of the few third-party titles to truly make good use of the Wii remote’s controls, with some great puzzles to work through.

Shopto.net  £12.95

Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles

By the time Darkside Chronicles had hit the shops it seemed Wii owners were getting sick of light-gun games on the format. It’s a real shame as this was a cracking shooter, with some great missions and co-op options.

Amazon £14.99

HOTD Overkill

Another light-gun game, HOTD Overkill had its tongue so far in its cheek it was practically bursting through it. Boasting more frequent uses of the ‘f-word’ than probably any other game in history, Overkill delivered a funny, gory shooting experience that was great fun with two players.

Gamestation £11.98

The Conduit

The Conduit had a lot of expectation behind it. The title attracted a lot of attention thanks to the nifty looking graphics developer High-Voltage Software managed to achieve on the Wii hardware. But it shipped with some major flaws, particularly in mission design, and subsequently failed to match the hype surrounding it. However, it was still an excellent multiplayer experience and worth picking up.

Zavvi £9.95

Little King’s Story

This is undoubtedly the best Wii game no-one bought. It’s an enticing mix of real-time strategy and god-game that plays like a cross between Pikmin and Populous. Little King’s Story is one of the deepest and longest Wii games you can buy. And buy it you should.

Amazon £7

(this can also be found for £6 in some Sainsbury’s stores but is pretty hard to find)


No list of hidden Wii gems would be complete without this sparkling jewel. Murumasa is a breathtakingly beautiful 2D side-scrolling action RPG taking players on a journey through Japanese folklore. This is a challenging game and not one for the faint-hearted.

Amazon £14.99

If you’ve found this article useful and have picked up any of the games on the list above I’d love to hear what you thought of them.

This article is dedicated to Welsh_Gamer, Retro_Link and all the other chaps who have supplied various links on the General Bargains thread on the N-Europe forums. You’ve saved me so much cash over the years, thanks guys!

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  1. Good article! Hardcore gamers need to pay more attention to their Wii. It’s got the whole world jumping, and with the attention of more hardcore gamers and developers, the frontier of epic games like these can spread to the world!

    Check out my blog, too! It’s still new, but I’m adding to it gradually.

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